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Recording Audio Engineering at Bosca Studios in Columbus Ohio

It’s been over a year since since my last blog post. My old Social Media Marketing professor @iannarino would be wildly disappointed with me. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me on my various social media pages while I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’ve got some new updates for you today however, and I’ve got plans to update the blog more often in the future!

Chris Bosca January Project Folk Rock MusicNew Music from Chris & Matt

After a successful final recording session at the Bosca Studios, production of the January Project EP finished up in February of this year. Shortly thereafter I began working on an EP with Matthew Morgan, a singer-songwriter who grew up in my hometown of Massillon, OH and is now living, working and performing in Chicago. This record has been a blast to work on thus far, and it’s had me doing everything from the engineering to playing drums and percussion. When we needed some other guitar parts added to the album, my first thought was to ask Chris if we could record those tracks at his studio. He not only let us do that, he wrote and recorded some of his own new parts for a few tunes! This led to a wonderful friendship between Matt and Chris, and Chris invited us to open up for the CD release party for The January Project EP back in September.

Random Acts of Music

While Matt was in town to play for the January Project release party, he and I also did an acoustic set at the Geisen Haus in North Canton for a special benefit for Sharon Budd, a local teacher who was severely injured when a rock thrown from an overpass smashed through her windshield while riding on the interstate. We then capped off that weekend by meeting up with a new friend and colleague Henry J, host of Random Acts of Music. We filmed an episode of RAM with Henry at the Lion’s Lincoln Theater in downtown Massillon, which was really special for me as I grew up attending movies and shows there. The full episode has been airing on local cable channels, and can also be found online here, below is a clip from the show of a tune called “Lost at Sea” which will be on the EP that Matt and I are working on.


One exciting venture I’ve gotten into recently is working on several podcasts. One of those in particular is with Christian Howes, who I’ve been working with for some time on various different projects. His Creative Strings Podcast launched last month, and it features interviews about performing, recording and music business. You can find it on iTunes and Stitcher, as well as Soundcloud.

Working on his and other podcasts got me really thinking about starting my own and as fate would have it, Henry J recently started an internet radio station called While I don’t have any final plans laid out, I’m going to start a podcast featuring engineers, producers and artists talking about the recording industry. I’ll also probably throw in some gear reviews and home recording tips for all of you out there that are interested. Like I said, the plans aren’t finalized, but the show will be broadcast on, and then will be syndicated here and on iTunes a couple days later as a podcast. If you have any ideas for what I should call the show I’d be happy to hear them! Also if you’d like to be interviewed for the show feel free to drop me a line.



One of my other big projects this year has been expanding my video capabilities. I’ve done several more weddings, a multitude of videos for Soundwaves and several other projects. Here’s a video from the January Project CD release that I shot (and then mixed and edited the next morning!).

imageWorking with The Beatles

Okay so I may have deceived you there, I didn’t magically reanimate John Lennon and George Harrison and get them back together. No I’m not even working on a project using their old tapes (Although Paul if you’re interested hit me up!) I have however been touring as the Front of House engineer for the Beatles Tribute band Hard Days Night. If you’re a Beatles fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) be sure to check them out. These guys put on an awesome show that spans from the beginning of Beatlemania all the way through Sgt. Peppers and the studio years. Decked out in full costume with classic instruments, Hard Day’s Night takes you right back to Shea Stadium in 1965. Be sure to check out their schedule to see when we’re in your area next!

Interning at Audio Recording Studio

Nate Lockwood at Cleveland Ohio Recording Studio Audio Music Production

A month and a half ago I began interning at Audio Recording Studio in Chagrin Falls, OH. I did a little write-up about my experiences over on their website a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to take some time to expand on that and let you all know what I was up to.

Classical Recording

Owner Bruce Gigax has been the Audio Supervisor for The Cleveland Orchestra since 1986, and ARS has been working with the Orchestra’s broadcast service ever since its inception in the 1950’s. Classical and ensemble recording has always been an interest of mine, especially after working with the Chordsmen at Capital University. This was one of many reasons that I reached out to Bruce for an opportunity after moving back to NE Ohio.

Variety of Styles

What I never expected was the diverse array of opportunities I would have interning at ARS. The first session I was a part of was a “Super Session” featuring Jamey Haddad (drummer for Paul Simon), guitarist Todd Sharp, and many other Ohio music legends. The project was produced by Ron Silverman (Original member of the James Gang) and engineered by Dale Peters, also from the James Gang. The session was a great combination of jazz, folk and rock n’ roll and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I’ve also had the opportunity to sit in during a Cleveland Orchestra recording (and install new equipment at Severance Hall) as well as remote gigs at St. Vincent de Paul’s Church (recording Harpsichord) and the Beachland Ballroom. I’ve also witnessed the intense editing that goes into creating the Health Journeys guided imagery CD’s and Healthy Discussion interviews.

I’m very excited to see what my future at Audio Recording Studio has in store, and I hope to have some exciting new projects to share very soon.

Capital University Chordsmen

Capital University Chordsmen CD Recorded by Nate LockwoodI’m excited to announce the release of one of my most favorite projects to date, the first CD of the Capital University Chordsmen under the direction of Craig Courtney.

Performing and Engineering

This was a particularly exciting project for me as I not only engineered the recording session, I also performed in the ensemble. We pulled multitrack recordings from several live concerts (thanks to Albert Macre and Justin Riley for capturing those) as well as a full recording session in Mees hall at Capital University. We used a variety of microphones on stage and in the hall to capture the full sound of the ensemble. I mixed the CD under direction of Mr. Courtney at Capital in May, and I created the master later in June.

Here’s my favorite track off of the CD “Father of Light” arr. by Craig Courtney, text by Susan Bentall Boersma.

For more information about the Chordsmen, please find them on Facebook. To purchase a copy of “The Chordsmen” please call Stanton’s Music at 614-224-4257.

The Capital University Chordsmen Choral Recording by Nate Lockwood

Senior Year Wrap Up

Capital University Music Technology

Sorry for the lack of posts/tweets/facebook/instagram ect. lately. Not to say I haven’t been busy! Since my last real update lots has been happening.

I Graduated!

It still hasn’t completely hit me yet that I am no longer a college student, but on May 4th (Happy Star Wars Day) I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Technology from Capital University. I’d like to thank my family, friends and the wonderful people of Capital for all of their support these last 4 years.

Leading up to graduation I was finishing up my senior project for Music for Media. The project was to take a clip from a movie and completely redo all of the sound for it. I chose a scene from Moneyball and you can watch it below. Big thanks to Paul Talbot for writing the score and to everyone who helped with voices, sound effects and being in my cheering crowd!

Moneyball Sound Replacement Project from Nate Lockwood on Vimeo.

New Work

I am also excited to announce that I am now the Production Coordinator for Christian Howes Strings! I was an intern for Christian this past semester doing a combination of production and marketing work, and I am now taking the lead role in handling all production projects. Let me know if you need live strings on your tracks!

Finishing Projects

I’m still working on the last touches on the Chris Bosca EP as well as some new material with the Skashank Redemption. Stay tuned for that to drop soon! Dominique De Biasio and Marneé Richardson both have unreleased material that I had a hand in that should be coming out sometime in the near future as well.


At the end of May, I will be moving back to the Massillon/Canton area. As many of you know, I am marrying my lovely fiancé Kristina Kandel in August of this year. Krissy will be attending the University of Akron for Law School, and we will be living in Canton while she is there. That means if you are looking for audio/video work in North East Ohio make sure to hit me up! I’d also love to get back into playing a little more, so if you are in need of a drummer or a bassist I’d love to start gigging again. Let’s make some music!

Dominique De Biasio EP

Dominique De Biasio Singer Songwriter Acoustic Guitar Female Vocal Recording

The time is finally here:

One of my closest friends Dominique De Biasio has released her debut self-titled EP. I had the pleasure of doing the tracking on the song “Valleys” before the project was turned over to my friend Adam Miller at JSR Studios. I’m super pleased with the outcome of the album, and I’m so excited that I was able to be a part of it. You can buy the album at

Also I worked on a super-secret bonus track with Dominique that is going to be released sometime in the near-future so stay tuned for that one!

And lastly, Dominique gave her senior recital today at Capital University (which was totally amazing). And myself, Joey Pasternak and Nick Lane all worked to provide sound reinforcement as well as capture a multi-track recording. I’m not sure when it will be released, but be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Student Music Tech Workshop

Capital University Student Music Tech Workshop sponsored by TI:ME and the Audio Engineering Society Student Section at Capital University

On April 6th Capital University will be hosting it’s first annual Student Music Tech Workshop in conjunction with TI:ME and the AES Capital University Student Section! There will be a wide variety of lectures, presentations, and hands on workshops. Topics range from studio recording to live sound to sound for picture. Highlighting the event will be a series of presentations by Grammy Award Winning producer and engineer Luke Wooten. Luke is a producer and engineer working in Nashville and will be giving a presentation on working in the industry, as well as an in-depth presentation on using Melodyne. I will be presenting a mic shootout presentation/workshop where we will discuss the process of doing a mic shootout, and then comparing the sounds of several common vocal microphones.


Spots are limited so be sure to register today! Register at Hope to see you there!

Eisenpower App

Mac App Eisenpower to do task management

I’m straying away from my usual type of post, but I wanted to talk about a cool time management app I came across yesterday. It’s called Eisenpower, and is basically a task list that divides your task list into 4 different lists based on priority. It also allows you to schedule reminders through the iCloud reminders app, so reminders show up on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and/or computer always keeping you on top of what you need to get done. Currently it is only available on the Mac App store for OSX 10.8 and up. (sorry Nick Lane and the other Snow Leopard die-hards out there). There is supposedly an iOS version coming out soon, which would make this even more appealing. Best of all, it is FREE for the rest of TODAY (3-17-13) and can be found here: …

I’ve made Eisenpower projects for several different projects that I’m working on, and I like that I can change the name of each list  to fit the project (although I am a fan of the “really?!” tab for those stupid tasks you have to do). Here is how I’ve put it in action to help me organize my Music for Media project:


Eisenpower in Action

Eisenpower in Action


As I continue to dig into it and figure out my best way of organizing things I’ll add to this post!

Chapel Choir Video

Capital University Chapel Choir Eric Whitacre Video Editing Columbus Ohio

This past week/weekend I had the pleasure of making a very special video. Along with the help of Xavier McAllister and Darita Seth, I filmed the Capital University Chapel Choir singing Eric Whitacre’s “Animal Crackers Vol. II”. We added a slight twist however, bringing in some extra “singers” into the project. I did all of the editing on the project (in Final Cut Pro X), under the direction of Dr. Lynda Hasseler and the assistance of two choir students: John McClain and Nancy de Leon. To top it all off, the video was sent to Eric Whitacre and he loved it! Enjoy!