Recording Audio Engineering at Bosca Studios in Columbus Ohio

It’s been over a year since since my last blog post. My old Social Media Marketing professor @iannarino would be wildly disappointed with me. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me on my various social media pages while I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’ve got some new updates for you today however, and I’ve got plans to update… Read More

Nate Lockwood at Cleveland Ohio Recording Studio Audio Music Production

A month and a half ago I began interning at Audio Recording Studio in Chagrin Falls, OH. I did a little write-up about my experiences over on their website a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to take some time to expand on that and let you all know what I was up to. Classical Recording… Read More

I’m excited to announce the release of one of my most favorite projects to date, the first CD of the Capital University Chordsmen under the direction of Craig Courtney. Performing and Engineering This was a particularly exciting project for me as I not only engineered the recording session, I also performed in the ensemble. We… Read More

Capital University Music Technology

Sorry for the lack of posts/tweets/facebook/instagram ect. lately. Not to say I haven’t been busy! Since my last real update lots has been happening. I Graduated! It still hasn’t completely hit me yet that I am no longer a college student, but on May 4th (Happy Star Wars Day) I graduated Magna Cum Laude with… Read More

Dominique De Biasio Singer Songwriter Acoustic Guitar Female Vocal Recording

The time is finally here: One of my closest friends Dominique De Biasio has released her debut self-titled EP. I had the pleasure of doing the tracking on the song “Valleys” before the project was turned over to my friend Adam Miller at JSR Studios. I’m super pleased with the outcome of the album, and… Read More

Capital University Student Music Tech Workshop sponsored by TI:ME and the Audio Engineering Society Student Section at Capital University

On April 6th Capital University will be hosting it’s first annual Student Music Tech Workshop in conjunction with TI:ME and the AES Capital University Student Section! There will be a wide variety of lectures, presentations, and hands on workshops. Topics range from studio recording to live sound to sound for picture. Highlighting the event will… Read More

Mac App Eisenpower to do task management

I’m straying away from my usual type of post, but I wanted to talk about a cool time management app I came across yesterday. It’s called Eisenpower, and is basically a task list that divides your task list into 4 different lists based on priority. It also allows you to schedule reminders through the iCloud… Read More

Capital University Chapel Choir Eric Whitacre Video Editing Columbus Ohio

This past week/weekend I had the pleasure of making a very special video. Along with the help of Xavier McAllister and Darita Seth, I filmed the Capital University Chapel Choir singing Eric Whitacre’s “Animal Crackers Vol. II”. We added a slight twist however, bringing in some extra “singers” into the project. I did all of… Read More

Columbus Ohio, Audio Recording, Country Guitar and Vocal Recording

I’m excited to announce that Joshua Parker has released his “Lack of Better Things” EP. The EP was produced by Nathan Drury, and I had the pleasure of tracking the Vocals and Violin overdubs. Check it out here! Lack of Better Things EP by Joshua Parker… Read More

Here is a video about the Generation App program that Microsoft held at Capital. You might notice a familiar face. As far as that app goes, still working on it. Computer Science and coding are still relatively new things to me. For more information about the event please visit Capital Spotlight: Microsoft’s Generation App at Capital… Read More