From the studio to on location, from a singer-songwriter to a full band, I have the skills and the ear to capture the best possible recording of your project. Contact me with your project information and budget and I’ll work with you to get the best possible product.


While my number one goal is always to capture the best performance possible, occasionally a strong performance needs a small fix here or there. Tuning, timing and removal of unwanted noise are all crucial to creating a great track.


Once your tracks have been recorded and edited, it is time to put them together. The mixing stage is when all of the recorded tracks are balanced through use of volume, equalization, dynamic processing and other effects. Whether you’ve recorded with me or elsewhere, I can mix your tracks to portray the true emotion of your music.


The final step of the process is mastering. Mastering is when all of the songs are level matched, and put into a cohesive product. Depending on your budget, I can master your project or send it to a trusted mastering engineer for a second set of ears.

Music Educator?

Are you a music educator looking to have your groups performance professionally recorded? I work with Soundwaves Recording to provide a professional audio and video recording along with album design, duplication and music licensing. Contact me or Soundwaves for more information.

Audio Work